WarriorsLargeImage2Through time, brave heroes have become a part of our history. These fantastic and fearless warriors have inspired all of us, and we have all been introduced to them through their epics and the film industry.  TV series such as Games of thrones and movies like Troy, Gladiator and 300 have been very successful worldwide. Its been about time to dedicate a traveling exhibition to show their battles, their achievements, and their lives. This exhibition is an invitation to take a closer look and learn about the greatest warriors we’ve known through history. Visitors get to see their amazing weapons, armory and clothing.

This incredible exhibition features more than 150 pieces including originals and replicas fron the era of the Egyptians, Romans, Spartans, Samurai, Persians, Vikings, Medieval Knights and many surprises all in one place.


The unique exhibition features:WarriorsLargeImage
Archaeological pieces
Replicas of archaeological pieces
Pieces from epic movies
Full display of swords, shields, helmets, armor, etc.
Interactive zones

Come and learn about these great warriors who gave their lives for an ideal.

Size: 4,300-6,400 sq ft/400- 600m2

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