UEG has been working behind the scenes since the beginning of the COVID19 crisis in order to offer the greatest possible protection to visitors of exhibitions and museums once they are able to reopen. We have looked for ideas with our production partners on how to offer visitors a safe museum / exhibition experience and at the same time limit the liability of venues and event organisers.

For this purpose we have developed a disinfection channel, the Sani Pass, which can be set up at the entrance to the venue and in which the body temperature of the visitors is automatically measured, there is a contactless dispenser for hand sanitiser and the visitor is also disinfected from the outside by a fine mist of food-grade disinfectant by ultrasonic atomization. According to the SGS on-site disinfection test results, the disinfection rate can reach 99.99%. Face recognition software for easy overview on staff safety and an intelligent attendance management system to keep track how many visitors have accessed the venue and that none of them had a fever when entering. Touch-free sensors and induction loops avoid cross infection and contamination.

The Sani Pass is especially designed for temperature detection of people in public areas and the whole body disinfection of humans, carry-ons and pets. The units are easy to use in outdoor environment. The channel can of course be branded with the logo / name of the event/venue or sponsors. At the same time, we have obtained CE verification, if you want to know more, you can contact us directly.

To this end, we have also tried to ensure the availability of protective products such as face masks and gloves for some of our customers around the world in the fight against the current corona crisis.

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