tesoros 3GroßTreasures of Egypt is an invitation to immerse yourself in the richness of a  civilization full of myths and secrets. This is a traveling exhibition which includes objects such as funerary mask of Tutankhamun, the enigmatic Sphinx, the Statue of Ku, the relief of Najt, two meters high coffins with reproductions of mummies inside, papyrus, jewelry, prints and amulets.

You can see more than 80 original pieces, the oldest part the Hetepher sarcophagus, dating from 4,000 thousand years BC and more than 220 replicas of famous Egyptian objects found in museums worldwide.

There are six themed rooms that make up the visitor experience. The tour allows you to get to know the daily life of the Egyptians at the time, aspects of agriculture, concepts of war, wisdom in navigational systems, dynasties and governments as well as the mysterious death cult.Tesoros_background

Also on display is the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti, carriages from the houses of the pharaohs, the vessels in which the vital organs of their deceased were kept during mummification and ushebtis, small amulets that accompanied the bodies in their graves and much more.

This exhibition is family entertainment at its best; mixing a good time out with education and culture.

Size: 6,500-10,700 sq ft/600- 1.000 m2

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