The Enemy is a collective immersive experience proposing an innovative human point of view on the realities of war. A full-scale 300 m2 installation that takes visitors on a 1 hour walk through equipped with a VR headset and VR-pack – no wires, no hindrances.

The Enemy – the first exhibition entirely created in a virtual reality – gives an opportunity to listen to fighters from three long-affected conflict zones, so that visitors may learn about their lives, yearnings and hopes in the most faithful manner possible. Each visitor will “perceive” others (up to 20 visitors at a time) via computer-generated avatars.

Visitors are geo-tracked to ensure free circulation and avoid collisions during the multi-user experience.

Size: 3,200 sq ft //300 m2

The Enemy was created by Karim Ben Khelifa is coproduced by Camera lucida, France Télévisions Nouvelles Ecritures, The National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Dpt. and Emissive.

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