Incredible cosmic attractions, spectacular interactive show, exciting games and an unforgettable virtual reality journeyspacesecretstext1 to Mars! 1.700 square meters of space adventure for the whole family…
In space, everything is different, even lighting a fire is not the same like down here on earth … come to experience this and much more in our new immersive Interactive Space Show. We invite you to the edge of the galaxy where space scientists will show you the wonders of science in space! You will see how hydrogen is produced, you will be able to hold a real fire in your hand. Meet with the magnetic field and electricity while we  give you a chance to create cosmic matter, and so much more!

Our new virtual reality ride “Mission Mars” was created specifically for this traveling exhibition experience. It is the first of its kind in extraterrestrial spacesecretstext2VR-games with real movement in space: a room, especially designed to the last little detail, is synchronized with the image of a virtual reality so that the visitor does not stand still, and moves actively while exploring the surface of Mars. You will be experiencing an exciting journey to the Red Planet: wearing a virtual reality helmet, you will find yourself on the surface of Mars, where no man has ever gone before. You will become a pioneer, the commander of a research station, who is to explore the planet and pass an unexpected fiery test!

Size: 8,600-16,000 sq ft/ 800-1,500 m2

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