National Geographic presents “3D Wild Universe”, an unprecedented event with 40 elaborately manufactured animatronics and an invitation to explore our universe and turn visitors into true explorers of the brand.

The exhibition will begin with the History of National Geographic, to continue with the Big Bang Mapping Zone, which will surprise and envelop with diverse projections about the origin of the universe. The tour continues through the Lost Zone in the Cosmos, where visitors can see, among others, replicas of scout vehicles, spacesuits, planets and meteorites.

The Extreme Exploration Zone, with the focus of protecting and preserving the planet’s fauna, will show several animals in real size. Finally, there will be the Adventure Zone in the Garden, an area that will amaze all visitors who will enter a giant garden, living the experience of dwarfing; illusion generated when encountering insects, plants, drink cans and giant balls.

The fundamental axis of the exhibition will be the “Rare but True” concept that will be present throughout the tour, in order to deliver content and information in a fun and close way for the whole family.

This is an incredibly complete exhibition that mixes entertainment with education.

Size: 27,000-32,300 sq ft/ 2,500 – 3,000 m2

In collaboration with National Geographic

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