Media2A new sensational multimedia show entitled “Michelangelo. The Creation” for the first time brings alive Michelangelo’s masterpieces as the artist’s magnificent frescoes from the Sistine Chapel ceiling as well as The Last Judgement, painted during the Renaissance era on the altar of the Chapel, projected onto large screens. The show also features other works by the Italian genius while a full-sized replica of his David installed at the entrance to the St. Ann’s Church.

The format of the exhibition is a fusion of multimedia technology and cinema which appeals to a public of all ages. Technology, used while preparing the exhibition, includes multichannel graphic animation, dozens of of state-of-the-art HD video projectors, large screens and 3D audio.

Media2The exhibition will also give you the chance to brush up your knowledge of the epoch Michelangelo lived and worked in. The entrance hall of the show will provide insights into just how art was made during the Renaissance – visitors will learn how a block of marble turns into a sculpture, they will be able to experience for themselves carve a stone with sculpting tools and will see what it takes to make a fresco, as well as get an idea about how replication is done.

In the anteroom exhibition the visitors are offered the newest in edutainment (educational entertainment) technology, from a virtual tour inside the chapel using Oculus Rift, to an interactive wall, which can be used to bring closer any fragment of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, getting a detailed view.
At the entrance to the exhibition the visitors are greeted by a life-size copy of one of the most famous sculptures in the world, the sculpture of David.

Size: 8,600-13,000 sq ft/800-1,200 m2

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