LightsBackgroundWe bring the most extraordinary characters from DreamWorks along with a legendary oriental tradition. Great illuminated figures of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar, will surprise you with a world full of light, magic and fantasy.

The design for these incredible figures is based on the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival which is an ancient celebration in which the Chinese people celebrate the new year.  It is done according to the Lunar calendar, on the fifth day of the new moon.

It is believed to have a connection with the celebration and cultivation of good relations between people, families, nature and higher beings who were considered responsible of delivering or returning the light each year.LightsContent2

Lights brings you…
* more than 190 characters
* more than 200 scenographic pieces
* about 200 LED furnishing
* more than 20 light trees
* interactive zones for children
* video loops from all three movies to create an optional cinema experience

Lights have never created such a fun world and now Europe will get to see it.

Size: 10,000-15,000 sq ft/1,000- 1,400 m2

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