At Jurassic, visitors can interact directly with dinosaurs for the first time worldwide, and instead of encountering cheap-looking plastic dinosaurs, they can encounter the most important dinosaur species in a monumental and high-resolution digital form in a realistic environment!

It is a unique interactive experience that brings together a variety of media-based experiences in an unprecedented way of immersing yourself in the world of dinosaurs.


Visitors are on a tour of a recently discovered unique prehistoric world that was only uncovered by an earthquake. Dinosaurs have survived here for millions of years undiscovered by mankind.

Visitors start from the research camp and study different types of dinosaurs in protected habitats and have to solve exciting tasks in which they interact with different dinosaurs… until they reach a large clearing where they can experience eye to eye the breathtaking scenery in monumental size. The visitors find themselves in the midst of the most exciting dinosaurs, and can even interact with them.

In the future, Jurassic can be exchanged with other themed exhibitions without another install process. Several other exciting and interactive exhibition concept (ie. African Safari, Space journey) are in the works and can be realised in the same spatial layout.

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