The multimedia exhibition «Italian Renaissance» presents works of four extraordinary artists, Titans of Renaissance – Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo. While they lived and worked more than 500 years ago, their legacy is still highly appreciated all over the world. And now we have an opportunity to enjoy their amazing masterpieces in the most modern multimedia format. Truly an extraordinary combination of HD projections, animated graphics and music.

The exhibition consists of four novels, devoted to the art of each of four masters. Images of beautiful masterpieces are projected onto larger than life screens, placed at different angles in a huge multimedia room. Its an amazing show of original and holistic works of art, immersing the visitor into the world of extraordinary paintings. Legendary canvases from museums all over the world easily secure their new lives with the help of state of the art digital technologies. The projections are changing from one to another, coming to life and moving with the rhythm of music, all the while capturing the viewer in a flood of sights and sounds.

«Italian Renaissance» Exhibition has also a serious educational platform. Before entering the multimedia show, anteroom viewers will be able to immerse themselves into the context of the era, to observe and understand key ideas as well as interesting facts about the artists and their works. All materials are presented in an interactive and accessible form, so the viewer opens the source of sense in the art of the past, which is full of symbols and hidden content. The idea was to show different interesting facts and to emphasize hidden details while providing the viewer an opportunity to look at the well-known masterpieces from a different point of view which makes the works come alive.


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