The Human Body For Kids is an interactive and educational exhibition for children designed specially for shopping centers. Children will experience an amazing adventure, learning about the human body, surrounded by museum quality props, involved in exciting games. They will learn by playing about the human body. The kids will be dressed in doctor costumes and will find how the brain works and the 5 senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch), about the skeleton and bones, about the skin and muscles, about how the heart works and about the respiratory system, about the stomach and the digestive system. In the end they will take funny pictures and will be awarded with doctor diploma. During their adventure they will experience the augmented reality directly on their bodies, using a special app and a tablet. Children will follow a one hour itinerary over 8 different stations that simulates a real expedition inside the human body, visiting the thematic “islands”, where they can learn by playing. Fun facts about the human body are dispersed throughout the experience. Duration of experience: up to 60 minutes for each organised tour (max 40 kids). Space required: up to 150 sqm/ 1.600 sqft, non-linear, adaptable to any architecture.

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