Small1TrainDragonThe film „How to Train Your Dragon“ is the inspiration for this newest addition to the Lights by DreamWorks exhibition series. This exhibition will bring every detail from the world of dragons and Vikings as seen in the 2010 debuted film, which grossed more than 600 million USD at the box offices.

The exhibition will feature more than 100 moving figures, touch screens, interactive games and many actors who give life to the history. Audiences can test flight maneuvers, enter the training zone, view a digging area, all in front of a 3D backgrounds of the Island of Berk.


Children can experience live how to train a dragon, including Toothless, the beloved black dragon that captivated audiences young and old alike. It is an interactive adventure, full of surprises and fun for the whole family.

Exhibition structure:
3D Museum
Isle of Berk
Training Area
Dragons World
Interactive Zone

Size: 10,000-15,000 sq ft/ 1,000- 1,400 m2

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