These innovative immersive experiences showcase a multitude of holographic animals, including dinosaurs, elephants, giraffes to name a few. Additionally there are aquatic creatures including a massive 80ft hologram whale. Despite not being real, these holographic animals are incredibly life-like as well as interactive. This is a one of a kind experience that will forever change the way we imagine a hologram to be like…
The hologram experience consists of a variety of immersive elements that visitors travel through all based on cutting edge hologram technology… made of millions of pixels of light.
Visitors navigate through a 65ft tunnel to encounter animals from different continents and even geological time periods. The tunnels are paired with optional hologram rooms which can either function as intimate, themed holographic experiences or a gaming arcade for holographic fun. Other elements are the holographic enclosures and optional bridges. The whole experience is approximately 45 to 60 mins in duration and nothing like you have ever seen before.
This unique holographic content is a premiere and first time to be seen outside of its test market in Oceania. Make sure you are not missing out and secure this globally exclusive content for your regional market and stay ahead of the competition in immersive entertainment.

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