Discover a new and impressive world: the land of giants millions of years ago. Meet our impressive Diplodocus which is 30 meters long. You will experience animatronic dinosaurs that are life-sized, lifelike. Each dinosaur is created with incredible details, and with highly customized technology.

Giant Dinosaurs equally thrills and educates visitors, it brings the age of dinosaurs to life like never befoDinosTaxt1re. We want to surprise you with an innovative display and original ideas. Get carried away by this great adventure!

Can you imagine a dinosaur as high as 6 giraffes on top of each other? Contact us to book the next tour!

Our exhibition packages typically include:

• 20 animatronics
• 12 static figuresDinosTaxt3
• 1 T-rex costume
• 1 walker Triceratops
• Fact sheets
• 10 paleo illustrarions
• 1 Omeisaurus skeleton 20 m long
• 1 T-rex skeleton 10 m long
• 1 Triceratops skeleton 9 m long
• 1 Pinacosaurus skeleton 5 m long
• A complete display of fossils

Size: 16,000 sq ft/1,500 m2


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