The rich and colorful life of Frida Kahlo is revealed in the collection of the Kunstmuseum Baden Baden, Germany. This is the only collection worldwide where all of her replica paintings can be seen in one place. Some paintings, especially from Kahlo’s early years, have never been seen before.
The collection and exhibition features 123 replicas of her known paintings in original size and original materials, and hand-painted in the same style as Kahlo painted them. Through her art Frida championed the Mexican culture and became an icon in art, fashion, for the women’s movement and for her political beliefs. Her striking images, tumultuous relationships, passionate and tragic life-story continue to captivate a constantly growing worldwide following.
Also in the collection are over 500 fascinating possessions— jewellery, dresses and adornments identical to those Kahlo surrounded herself with.  All are handmade using traditional methods and materials. There is also a substantial collection of photos of Frida Kahlo, her family, and friends in her work and life environments and a large collection of pre-Colombian through present-day Mexican folk art, which held a position of great importance in her and her husband Diego Rivera’s lives. “This 360 degree view of her life and work allows visitors to totally immerse themselves in her artworks and to better understand Kahlo as well as Mexican history and culture,” says the curator of the exhibition. This is the only Frida Kahlo Exhibition featuring all her paintings as licensed exact replicas, photos, videos and items originating from Mexico as Frida used to have. The Kunstmuseum in Baden Baden, Germany was the only institution ever authorized worldwide to replicate all the works of Frida Kahlo. The Authorization was granted by © Banco de México, Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo Museums Trust / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2008.

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