Throughout history, humans have felt fascinated and attracted by these beings that have captivated our imagination, whose legends have been passed through generations.
Is it all myth? What if these fantastic stories were true? Come and meet the most stunning creature that ever existed…

Famous for their enormous figure and their magical qualities, dragons have been present in the myths and legends of almost every culture on the planet. Of all the creatures portrayed in fantasies, these are the most popular. Since the beginning of time, legends have been passed down the ancestry.

Dragons is a very unique exhibition, different than any other you ever seen.
Featuring Dragons up to 20 m high, the size of a four-story building or as large as three buses, this event will astonish both visitors and media.

You will find:

• Eastern Dragons
• Medieval Dragons
• American Dragons
• Dragons in the real world
• Museum Zone
• Interactive Zone

• 20 Animatronic Dragons among them skeletons, fossil replicas and information on the history of Dragons through time with reproductions of skulls and other pieces.

Size: 3,200-5,400 sq ft/ 300- 500 m2

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