CYGNUS is a poetic live installation on the water.
 15 artificial swans come together for a mesmerising water ballet of light and sound. The swans move across the water with electric thrusters and can turn their heads. On the inside of each translucent swan, LEDs illuminate the body and create the magical appearance of the birds. A sound system within their bodies lets them create an etheral soundscape. Lights, sounds and movement of the swan ensemble are synchronised and their positions are controlled via a high precision GPS-system. They are equipped with enough power to perform their water dance for up to 7 hours.

During daytime the installation takes its strength from the surprise effect. The artificial swans are virtually impossible to distinguish from a real bird at a distance of over 10 metres. They blend into any natural habitat.
The surprise is breathtaking, when they suddenly start to come together and move to perform their perfectly synchronised water ballet. At night the performance develops a totally different charcater.
The changing lights along with the hypnotic soundscape lets the swans become etheral, ghostly figures of detached beauty ands elegance.

CYGNUS had its premiere at LILU – Festival of Lights Lucerne where it attracted more than 60.000 fascinated viewers in 10 days.  Every pond, every lake and even sea water is a stage for the ELECTRIC SWAN ENSEMBLE.

Also available as CYGNUS LIVE, whereby the swans interact musically and visually with a live trio of classical instruments (flute, clarinet and harp) performing works of nature, water and of course swans.

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