Brick Wonders – the tour is a fresh version of exhibition of LEGO® models based on the bestselling  book ‘Brick Wonders’. Each individual LEGO® model can be seen in all its’ glory – showing the versatility of LEGO® and amazing wonders throughout time. Featuring over 70 models, the exhibition appeals to all ages whilst teaching creativity and expression. Brick Wonders covers not only the seven Ancient Wonders, but also seven old, modern and natural wonders.

A treat for all ages, bring your curiosity, build your imagination and explore the world brick by brick. View these awe inspiring models, including the Great Wall of China and Niagara Falls, marvel at the shapes and structures that can be snapped together to create the most iconic man-made, natural and ancient wonders of the world. Modern inventions, among them electricity and transport, are represented in LEGO® creations both small and vast – a Model T car, the television, the light bulb and the International Space Station
Calling LEGO® builders and mini-brick architects big and small… A world of imagination and creativity is waiting for you! Discover the endless possibilities of these much loved little bricks, as we journey through history and around the globe for a summer of fun.

The centrepiece is a 2×4 metre model of an airport, complete with working runway lights. Over sixty other LEGO models are included, from tiny models to inspire building at home, to large mosaics and dioramas. As well as 500,000 LEGO bricks, Brick Wonders includes eight large wall hangings, which can also stand freely to partition a larger space.

LEGO bricks are unique in their appeal, having been a top-selling toy for over fifty years. Our use of LEGO as an artistic medium gives an instant attraction to a wide range of audiences, both young and old, and inspires creativity while contributing to a renewed sense of awe at the world around us. Brick Wonders presents its models in high quality custom-lit plinths, with colourful interpretation panels. The exhibition has visited art galleries, museums, and exhibition centres from Italy to Northern Ireland, and will attract new visitors to any venue.

Brick Wonders works particularly well in venues where it can tie in with collections of anthropology, ancient history and architecture, science, and social history, although it also functions as an entirely self-contained attraction.

Size: 1100-4,300 sq ft //100-400 m2

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