Step back in time with Brick Dinos! Enter the Jurassic period like never before and meet the dinosaurs face to face, each one masterfully built using LEGO® bricks. Working in close collaboration with a paleontologist, lego artists have painstakingly recreated some of the largest beasts to ever walk this earth in miniature LEGO form! Come face to face with dinosaurs from the air, sea and land and even compare yourself to those that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Can your whole family fit into the footprint of a single dinosaur?

Why not try building your own dinosaur from LEGO bricks? Build a dino to add to our Jurassic landscape, or maybe take them home brick by brick.
Visitors can meet a life size Masiakasaur and Pteradactyl (both made from LEGO bricks!), whilst learning about the size and weight of the dinosaurs in modern measures. Interactive play areas allow visitors to get involved themselves whilst more LEGO displays educate about the lifecyle of the dinosaurs and their counterparts in the prehistoric world.

Size: 3,700-8,600 sq ft /350-800 m2

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