BoschMedia2The exhibition “BOSCH – Visions Alive” introduces the show with all available information about Bosch’s life and career, including least plausible theories. While the multimedia hall features a visual feast of nightmarish but still magnetic images from Bosch’s masterpieces. Slippery reptiles, pot-bellied monsters, fish with human legs, barrel- bodied figures, and spidery creatures – this phantasmagoric world of Bosch’s never ceases to amaze. “Wondrous and strange fantasies… often less pleasant BoschMedia1than gruesome to look at,” wrote Bosch’s fellow Dutchman and contemporary Karel van Mander about the artist’s work in his The Book of Painters. Adjectives most commonly used to describe Bosch’s masterpieces include strange, mysterious and fearful. His symbols embodied all the superstitions and dreads that tormented people during the Middle Ages. It is not a coincidence that Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych depicting humanity entangled in its own sins and capturing the spirit of the epoch, became the quintessence of the medieval times.

Size: 8,600-13,000 sq ft/800-1,200 m2

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