For the first time ever this brand-new, truly immersive exhibition shies from presenting copies and models of Banksy`s work but presents his graffiti art in an animated, purely projection based immersive experience. In true Banksy style, Banksy in Motion is not authorized or curated in collaboration with the artist, but rather brought to the digital realm with the help of the most creative digital artists by animating many of his well known art pieces. This unique exhibition brings to live many of Banksy’s most recognisable works, including “Flower Thrower,” “Rude Copper” and the infamous rats. The exhibition invites audiences to “step inside” the iconic works of Banksy, deeply immersing them with his art and the use of light and music.
The true identity of Banksy, born in the 1970s and believed to be from Bristol, England – is unknown to this very day. Since the 1990s, he has composed street art, unusual presentations and artistic displays around the world. Banksy has evaded authorities in various countries for years, as attempts have been made to hold him accountable for, among other things, defacing public places. At the same time, he has become one of the world’s most respected and beloved contemporary artists. Banksy’s politically charged Street Art combines humour with graffiti, carried out in his distinctive stencilling technique. His works have been featured in cities throughout the world, even in controversial areas like Gaza with the opening of his „Walled off Hotel“. Various of his publicity stunts have drawn attention worldwide. Animal rights, climate change, the exercise of power, and hypocrisy are also standard subjects.
Protected by his anonymity, Banksy creates street art in public places and has even smuggled his own works into museums unnoticed. His signature stencil technique, often combined with satire and anti-establishment slogans, is immediately recognisable and enables him to work quickly and to create visually skilful work with engaging content. The exhibition includes most recent works including his visit to the war torn country of Ukraine.

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