The Amazings Art Experience with LEGO® bricks is an interactive 1.500m2 exhibit about the art Dirk Denoyelle and his team have created over the past 20 years.

Visitors can enjoy over 100 art pieces, create art themselves in self-explaining workshops, or just enjoy the many photo opportunities.

Check out how Dirk Denoyelle and his team managed to materialize movie stars, comedians and singers in three-dimensional sculptures made with LEGO® bricks.

See what details were changed in the mosaic versions of a giant (4,8m x 3,6m / 16ft x 12 ft) Rubens painting, or a Dali, Van Eyck or Escher.

Discover the surreal touch in the Amazings Art with LEGO® bricks. Build your own mosaic with bricks and display it on the wall.

Make your own video in a real TV studio and share with your friends and family on Facebook, walk over glowing coals … all LEGO® bricks of course. Find the famous cowboys in a 3,5m high (11 ft) cactus. Become part of Mona Lisa or Mount Rushmore.

Stand on top of the world or feel like you’ve become a minifigure yourself. Would you dare to sit next to George Clooney`s LEGO® double in a LEGO® Cafe?

All this and so much more…

A fun experience for young and … not so young!

Optimal venue size 1.500 m2 (15.000 sq ft) to 2.000 m2 (20.000 sq ft)

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