Van Gogh – Life In Art

vangoghtext1A new art exhibition that doesn’t just introduce visitors to the works of the great Dutch painter— it immerses them in his world. Designed to educate museum guests about the tumultuous life and vibrant art of van Gogh, the exhibit is a multi-sensory experience. The sensational exhibition ‘Van Gogh. Life In Art’ features more than 3.000 dynamic images from the artist’s life and work. The ultra high definition pictures are projected on giant screens located in and around the perimeter of the exhibition space, creating an incredible immersive effect.

Van Gogh is one of the most popular artists in the world. His works of art are traditionally the most expensive and a desirable lot on any auction. Van Gogh’s unmistakable style makes his paintings easy to recognize at a glance.
The idea of the exhibition is to draw visitors’ attention to the most important parts of the work by Van Gogh, his unique style, colors and painting techniques of the artist.