Giant Dinosaurs

DinosTaxt2Look around you and discover a new and impressive world: the land of giants millions of years ago. Meet a Diplodocus 30 meters long. You will see all dinosaurs in their real size and in incredible detailled and realistic, moving animatronics.

There is nothing more fun than to enjoy learning, get carried away by this great adventure! We want to surprise the audience with an innovative DinosTaxt1display and an original idea. Get carried away by this great adventure!

Can you imagine a dinosaur as high as 6 giraffes on top of each other? For the first time in Europe, you will see this great collection of dinosaurs in its real size.

In this exhibition you will get the following elements:
• 20 animatronics
• 12 static figuresDinosTaxt3
• 1 T-rex costume
• 1 walker Triceratops
• Fact sheets
• 10 paleo illustrarions
• 1 Omeisaurus skeleton 20 m long
• 1 T-rex skeleton 10 m long
• 1 Triceratops skeleton 9 m long
• 1 Pinacosaurus skeleton 5 m long
• A complete display of fossils